Crime Incident


Crime Details as on 21 September 2017

  1. 20 September 2017 - Shri I B Choudhary, Warrant Officer, IAF, Laitkor lodged a complaint that on Sep. 20, security staff of IAF, Laitkor (EKH) apprehended one K B Chettri, who trespassed inside the Air Force compound by scaling the perimeter wall.
  2. 20 September 2017 - On Sep. 20, Police detected that one Sanjay Gurung of Madanrting, Block –F, Shillong had submitted a forged School certificate for Passport Police Verification.
  3. 20 September 2017 - On Sep. 20 circa 3.30 pm, unknown miscreant(s) stole one Laptop computer valued around Rs. 5,000/- from the vehicle of Shri Biswajit Roy Bhowmick at Barik, Temple Road, Shillong.
  4. 20 September 2017 - On Sep. 20 circa 2 pm, one three year old boy viz., Iamedonlang Shadap got drowned in a pond near his residence at Umsohlang, Umsning (RB).
  5. 19 September 2017 - On Sep. 19 around 5.40 pm, one bicycle ridden by Kolenus Ch Marak along with Master Sylvester K Sangma collided with one motorcycle (ML-09-8740) ridden by Kabi Ch Marak at Chiringpara village (SWGH). As a result, the bicycle riders sustained injuries and were admitted at CH Ampati.
  6. 18 September 2017 - Shri T. Lyngdoh, SDE (CM-South Jaintia) BSNL, Jowai lodged a complaint that on Sep. 18 evening, one Sabol Ksoo stole earthing cable valued around Rs. 10,000/- from Lumshnong (EJH).
  7. 18 September 2017 - Smt. Silse G Momin lodged a complaint that on Sep. 18 around 9.45 am, one Smt. Rokzana M Sangma along with one Jenobia Chuangku M Sangma, Fedikih M Sangma and two others, trespassed into her residence at Chandmari, Tura (WGH), damaged her properties, assaulted her and her son and also threatened her with dire consequences.
  8. 17 September 2017 - Shri Hamiki Dkhar of Wapungskur village (EJH) lodged a complaint that on Sep. 17 circa 3 pm, one Rijendra Dkhar assaulted and threatened him with dire consequences. Later, the accused dragged him inside his vehicle and abducted him. However, the victim was rescued by the local residents.
  9. 15 September 2017 - Smt. Paskolina Kahit lodged a complaint that between Sep. 15 & 19, unknown miscreant(s) broke into her canteen at Secretariat Hill, Shillong and stole utensils valued around Rs.15,000/-.
  10. 14 September 2017 - Smt. Jenny Myrchiang lodged a complaint that On Sep. 14, unknown miscreant(s) stole three batteries from Tata Vioms Showroom at Jyllishop, Nongthymmai.