Crime Incident


Crime Details as on 17 November 2017

  1. 16 November 2017 - A complaint was lodged that on Nov. 16 around 4.10 pm, Police detected one vehicle (ML-05M-5917) driven by Jeremy Marbaniang and accompanied by Shri Ricky Sohtun (26 yrs) at Polo Bazar, Shillong and during checking, Police recovered/seized 0.19 grams of suspected heroin.
  2. 16 November 2017 - On Nov. 16 at about 6.20 pm, Police detected and seized one coal laden truck (AS-01GC-1722) at NH Toll Plaza, 20th Mile (RB) while transporting coal in violation of NGT order.
  3. 16 November 2017 - Miss Tondra G Momin lodged a complaint that on Nov. 16 circa 10 pm, unknown miscreants stole her car music system, two woofers, etc form her vehicle parked at B K Bajoria Road, Laitumkhrah, Shillong.
  4. 16 November 2017 - On Nov. 16 evening, one JNURM bus (ML-01-7395) capsized at Lad Jynrai (SWKH). As a result, two occupants sustained injuries and were removed to CHC Mawkyrwat for treatment.
  5. 16 November 2017 - On Nov. 16, one Auto rickshaw (number not known) knocked down one Smt. Onima Das at 15th Mile, Byrnihat (RB). As a result, the victim sustained injuries and was shifted to CHC Byrnihat for treatment.
  6. 16 November 2017 - On Nov. 16, a fire broke out in the house of Smt. Bris Khyriem and Smt. Krorsibon Khyriem at Rngi Bah village, Mawlali (EKH). As a result, both the houses were completely gutted. No casualty was reported.
  7. 16 November 2017 - On Nov. 16 around 1.36 pm, one Joseph Simon Kharpuri stole a car tape from the vehicle belonging to Shri Terok Sangma near Bar Association, Shillong. Police arrested the accused.
  8. 15 November 2017 - Shri Becarefull Sumer, VDP Secretary of Puriang village (WJH) lodged a complaint that on Nov. 15 around 3 pm, a woman resident of the village found a dead body of a baby inside a bag at a place called Tyrso Mein.
  9. 14 November 2017 - Shri Wilson Tariang (27 yrs) of Khliehriat West (EJH) lodged a complaint that on Nov. 14 around 7.30 pm, four unidentified persons armed with knife robbed him of Rs. 450/- and threatened him with dire consequences.
  10. 09 November 2017 - On Nov. 9 around 12.30 pm, one motorcycle (ML-09-6753) ridden by Md. Rofiz Ahammad knocked down one Smt. Afruja Khatun (51 yrs) at Mahendraganj Bazar (SWGH). As a result, the sustained injuries and was removed to CH Tura.
  11. 23 October 2017 - Smt. Parboti R Marak lodged a complaint that her husband viz., Aser Adhibasi was missing since Oct. 23, 2017. On Nov. 15 his decomposed dead body was found lying in a jungle at Diengrai village (EKH). The complainant suspected that her husband was murdered by his friends namely (1) Raju and (2) Biswal.