Crime Incident


Crime Details as on : 17 February 2020

  • 17 February 2020 Smt. Indira Thapa lodged a complaint that she applied for ‘Home based Part Time Job’ with a company styled as ‘Rey Technology’, 14-B Vinayak Arcade, Muktanand Marg, Gujarat. Following this, one Smt. Riya Patel claiming to be Executive Representative of the company, asked the complainant to deposit Rs 6,800/- as correction fee, etc. However, the complainant later realized that she has been duped by the said company.
  • 15 February 2020 Shri Heavingstone Kharpran lodged a complaint that on Feb 15, one unidentified person impersonated as Branch Manager of SBI Head Office, Shillong and made unauthorized withdrawal of Rs 29,998/- from the account of the complainant.
  • 14 February 2020 On Feb 14 around 8.30 am, while Shri Blackson S Sangma (65 yrs) of Wagipara village (SWGH) was carrying turmeric for sale at Zikzak Weekly Market (SWGH), one Kaljeng Marak (55 yrs) of the same village, waylaid him and attacked with ‘dao’ and bamboo stick. As a result, the victim sustained injuries and was removed to PHC Zikzak from where he was referred to CH Tura for better treatment.
  • 13 February 2020 Shri Marselus T Sangma lodged a complaint that on Feb 13 around 1.30 pm, unidentified persons threatened some of the shopkeepers at Gopinathkilla Bazar (SWGH) and lifted groceries without payment.In this connection, Police arrested three persons viz., (1) Silyver M Sangma (18 yrs), (2) Sonjoy A Marak (20 yrs) ad (3) Sengba M Sangma (18 yrs) all from Dalu (WGH).
  • 12 February 2020 Smt. Mercy Dhar lodged a complaint that on Feb 12 around 4 pm, one Koran Kharmawlong forcibly entered her house at Khimusniang Jowai (WJH), vandalized the household materials and set fire to wooden bed, school books, clothes, etc., with kerosene oil.
  • 12 February 2020 Shri Akhtar Hussain Laskar a complaint that on Feb 12 around 11 am, he found that unknown miscreants stole 24 (twenty-four) battery cells belonging to M/s Ascend Telecom Infrastructure at Jalaphet-Sutnga (EJH).
  • 12 February 2020 Shri Maminson Ch Marak a complaint that on Feb 12 around midnight, one Johnstar R Sangma stole one LPG cylinder from his (complainant) residence at Chitoktak, Tura (WGH).
  • 10 February 2020 Shri Premel Bamon lodged a complaint that on Feb 10 around 2.30 am, while his elder brother Shri Morningstar Bamon was proceeding towards Tamabil by his Tata-407 truck (ML-10-5454) for unloading boulders to Bangladesh and on reaching Latangtila, Dawki (WJH), two unidentified miscreants suspected to be Bangladeshi nationals, forcibly entered his truck, demanded money, assaulted him and took away the clothing of the victim. As a result, he sustained grievous injuries.
  • 03 February 2020 Shri Probol Ch Sangma a complaint that on Feb 3, unknown miscreants stole grocery items valued around Rs. 28,512/- from an auto rickshaw (ML-08D-3952) at Tura (WGH).
  • 01 January 2020 Smt. Phaiyolin Nongrum lodged a complaint that on Jan 1, 2020, after making payment for FASTAG at NHAI Office by using ATM Card, she found that Rs 30,000/- was fraudulently withdrawn from her account.